mean response

mean response
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English-Russian dictionary on experimental design. 2014.

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  • Response time — may mean:*Response time (technology), the time a generic system or functional unit takes to react to a given input *Responsiveness, how quickly an interactive system responds to user input *Round trip delay time, in telecommunications *Reaction… …   Wikipedia

  • Mean and predicted response — In linear regression mean response and predicted response are values of the dependent variable calculated from the regression parameters and a given value of the independent variable. The values of these two responses are the same, but their… …   Wikipedia

  • Mean (song) — Mean …   Wikipedia

  • Mean reciprocal rank — is a statistic for evaluating any process that produces a list of possible responses to a query, ordered by probability of correctness. The reciprocal rank of a query response is the multiplicative inverse of the rank of the first correct answer …   Wikipedia

  • Mean squared error — In statistics, the mean squared error (MSE) of an estimator is one of many ways to quantify the difference between values implied by a kernel density estimator and the true values of the quantity being estimated. MSE is a risk function,… …   Wikipedia

  • Response time (technology) — In technology, response time is the time a system or functional unit takes to react to a given input. Data processing In data processing, the response time perceived by the end user is the interval between :(a) the instant at which an operator at …   Wikipedia

  • Response, Babinski — A neurologic reflex that constitutes an important medical examination based, believe it or not, upon what the big toe does when the sole of the foot is stroked. If the big toe goes up, that may mean trouble. The Babinski response is obtained by… …   Medical dictionary

  • Response, plantar — The plantar response, also known as the Babinski response, is an important neurologic examination based upon what the toes do when the sole (the plantar surface) of the foot is stroked. If the big toe goes up, that may mean trouble. The plantar… …   Medical dictionary

  • Mean Alveolar Concentration — Die minimale alveoläre Konzentration (Minimum Alveolar Concentration, Abk.: MAC) ist ein Begriff aus der Anästhesiologie und beschreibt die Wirkungsstärke von Inhalationsnarkotika. Die allgemein gebräuchliche MAC (MAC50) ist definiert als die… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • reaction, response, reply — A reaction is a response to a stimulus and properly belongs in scientific work only. It is overused to mean opinion, attitude, impression, view, and feeling. It is also overused to mean both response and reply. A response is an answer or the act… …   Dictionary of problem words and expressions

  • Weighted mean — The weighted mean is similar to an arithmetic mean (the most common type of average), where instead of each of the data points contributing equally to the final average, some data points contribute more than others. The notion of weighted mean… …   Wikipedia


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